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Pure Gold & Hard Gold

The most widespread industrial use of gold is in the electronics industry. This is due to its unique properties making it an extremely valuable element in the fabrication of micro-electronic devices which are at the heart of most transmitters and diodes in particular those that are exposed to extreme environments.

Electroplated gold is used in many other engineering, aerospace and scientific applications. An example of this would be for reflector material in lasers and other high energy devices where the virtual absence of an oxide film at high temperatures and the infra-red reflectivity is of great advantage. Gold electroplating can be used for a large range of applications and a range of gold solutions has grown to match the variety of properties and alloys required. At Russell Laboratories the gold electroplating solutions available are hard gold and pure gold.

Key Characteristics of Gold Plating

  • Extremely useful in the fabrication of micro-electronic devices

  • Can be used for a large number of applications

  • Decorative

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