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John Tolliday Takes the grand Prize at the SEA Awards for Individual Achievement Award


John Tolliday took the Individual Achievement Award at this years SEA awards in recognition of his lifelong service to the industry and his leadership in doubling business at Russell Laboratories. The award was a surprise as the finalists were not informed that they had been nominated. The award is recognition that Russell Laboratories has one of the best people in the industry running the company.

John Tolliday has been influential throughout the surface finishing industry for over 41 years. Having worked his way up through a laboratory analysing surface treatment solutions in 1977. John progressed in this role to tech support by visiting customers to help them develop new finishes and helping them overcome any technical problems. This technical knowledge led to John being Electroless Nickel Product Manager where he developed new process solutions that are still in use today. John would then go on to run several plating shops helping them each grow and develop. John’s contributions to the industry were recognised by the Institute of Materials Finishing who have made him a Fellow of the Institute of Material Finishing (FIMF) for his outstanding achievements. John has now been running Russell Laboratories for five years and has transformed the company to put it at the forefront of the industry.

Russell Laboratories were also nominated finalists for the Environmental Award in recognition of the companies water saving features and engineered controls for solvent degreasing. 


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